Lesson Eight Age

Core Sentences
1. Can I ask how old you are?
2. Guess how old I am?
3. I say you are about twenty.
4. I just turn twenty three.
5. I was thirty on my last birthday.
6. You look younger than your age.
7. I'd rather not tell your my age.
8. She is going to be eighteen, but she still acts like a kid.
9. I am two years (old--older )than she is.
10. My mother retired at the age of fifty five.
11. --singer)looks maturer for his age.
12. Grandfather is geting in years.
13. Joanna is in her sixties.But she is aging well.
14. The baby (可能是pumas) are all grown ups now.
15. I'm too old to learn computer.

Dialog Exercises.

Number one Do you beleive (in-an )age gaps?
A. Hans, what are you up to?
B. I'm reading a letter from home. This is a picture of my family.
A. Is the one with gray hair your grandma?
B. Yes, she is in her seventies.
A. Really, she is aging well. She looks like in (a--her )sixties.
B. But she is always (forget --forgetful). And we don't see eye to eye with each other on many things. She doesn't like the pop music. She hates me to surf Internet all the evening and she (is)always repeating stories of her life. Sometimes, I'm (fade up--fed up).
A. This is (cal--called) generation gap.

Number two Sugar (Dady--daddy).
A. You know what? Maria got married last week.
B. So, she finally married her sugar daddy.
A. Right, he never tells his age. But I know that his youngest daughter just turn thirty. She works with my sister.
B. My . I guss he is in his sixties. And Maria?
A. Maria is only two years older than his daughter.
B. Fortunately, he is aging well. He looks much younger than his age.
A. Nothing to blame, love is blind.
新2代理网站B. But Maria is by no means (to-/) blind to money.