Mr. Black was young and able. The boss liked him. Last month he was sent to China on business. Before he went back from China, he decided to buy something for Tony, the son of his boss. At first he didn' t know what to buy for the boy. Suddenly he remembered that the boy liked birds very much, so he went to the bird market. He was glad to find that there were so many kinds of birds there. He bought four beautiful birds, then he told the boy about it on the telephone.

  As soon as Mr. Black returned to London by air, he went to Tony with the four birds. But on his way to the boss ’s of them flew out of the cage(笼子)and there were only three birds left in it.Then Mr.Black bought a local(当地的)bird to take the place of the missing Chinese one.

  Tony of course was very happy when he saw the birds.But soon he found one of them was different from the other three.He asked, “It’s a local bird,isn’t it,Mr.Black?’’

大色欧美Av  “Yes, it is” answered,“It’s an interpreter (译员).”


大色欧美Av  布莱克先生很年轻也很能干。老板很喜欢他。上个月他因公务被派往中国。在离开中国以前,他决定为老板的儿子托尼买点东西。开始,他不知道该为小孩买点什么。突然他记起他很喜欢鸟,所以他决定去鸟市。他很高兴地发现那有很多鸟。他买了4只漂亮的鸟,然后在电话里告诉了托尼。


大色欧美Av  托尼看见那些鸟的时候很高兴。但他很快发现其中的1只和另外3只不一样。他问: “这是一只本地的鸟,不是吗,布菜克先生?”


  Why did the boss send Mr. Black to China on business?

  A.Mr. Black had never been to China before.

  B.Mr. Black was an able and hard-working man.

大色欧美Av  C.Mr. Black could buy something interesting for Tony.



  How did Mr. Black return to London?

  A.By train.

大色欧美Av  B.By ship.

大色欧美Av  C.By plane.

大色欧美Av  参考解析:C【解析】by air意为“乘飞机”。

大色欧美Av  Whom did Mr. Black buy a present for?

  A.His boss.

  B.The son of his boss.

  C.Mr. Black' s wife.


  Mr. Black said the local bird was an interpreter because __

大色欧美Av  A.the three Chinese birds didn't know English was different from the Chinese birds

  C.he was making a joke


大色欧美Av  What happened to one of the four birds?

  A.It was dead on the way to London.

  B.It flew away from the cage.

  C.It was stolen by someone.