1 I think lawyers mistakenly believe complex language enhances the mystique of the law.

  2 Not long ago, a foreign visitor whose English is extremely good told me of his embarrassment in a tea shop.

  3 Meanwhile individual schools are moving on their own to redress the imbalance between teaching and research.

  4We have created a faculty of scholars frequently so narrow in their studies and specialized in their scholarship they are simply incapable of teaching introductory courses.

大色欧美Av  5 Then the players find out the lottery is not particularly good bet and they find other forms of gambling.

大色欧美Av  6 The English language is in very good shape. It is changing in its own undiscoverable way, but it is not going rotten like a plum dropping off a tree.

大色欧美Av  7 There has always been a close cultural link, or tie between Britain and English-speaking America, not only in literature but also in the popular arts, especially music.

  8 We must just make the best of things as they come along.

大色欧美Av  9 But once I made the decision, I went at it with all flags flying.

大色欧美Av  10Autumn’s mellow hand was upon the woods, as they owned already, touched with gold and red and olive.


大色欧美Av  1我认为律师们有一个错误的想法,即复杂的语言能增加法律的深奥性。

大色欧美Av  2不久前,一位英语极好的外国客人告诉我他在一家小吃店里的窘状。

大色欧美Av  3与此同时,各学校正采取步骤纠正教学与科研不平衡的状况。



大色欧美Av  6英语目前的情况很好,它正按照它那不易为人发现的方式在起着变化,而不是像一只树上掉下的李子那样在逐渐腐烂。

大色欧美Av  7在英国和说英语的美国之间,不仅在文学方面,而且在流行艺术,特别是音乐方面,一直有着密切的接触和联系。


大色欧美Av  9不过,我一旦做出决定,就大张旗鼓地去进行了。

大色欧美Av  10秋季的成熟的手已经在抚摸树木,它们顺从秋季的到来,染上了金黄、丹红和橄榄绿。