Message on Nelson Mandela International Day

大色欧美Av  纳尔逊·曼德拉国际日致辞

  July 18, 2017


大色欧美Av  Nelson Mandela continues to inspire the world through his example of courage and compassion, and his commitment to social justice and a culture of freedom and peace.


大色欧美Av  I had the honour of meeting Nelson Mandela several times, including during South Africa’s transition. Each time, I was struck by his wisdom, his compassion, and above all, his humility.

大色欧美Av  我有幸曾多次与纳尔逊·曼德拉会晤,包括在南非转型期间与他会晤。每一次我都被他的智慧和慈悲,而且首先被他的谦虚所感动。

  One of the most important lessons we can learn from Nelson Mandela is that to make progress, we must look forward, however difficult that may be.


  Nelson Mandela was known as prisoner 46664 for 18 years. But he never became a prisoner of his past. Sentenced to hard labour and solitary confinement on Robben Island, he rose above suffering and indignity to lead his country, and our world, to a brighter day.


大色欧美Av  He did not succumb to bitterness or personal animosity, but poured his formidable energy into realizing his vision of a peaceful, multi-ethnic, democratic South Africa.

大色欧美Av  他没有屈服于痛苦或个人仇恨,而是为实现一个和平、多族裔和民主的南非这一愿景投入巨大精力。

  Nelson Mandela once said a saint could be defined as a sinner who keeps on trying. That is a powerful message of hope, in a world riven with fear and cynicism. It is never too late to face the future, and try again.

大色欧美Av  纳尔逊·曼德拉曾经说过,一个圣人也会被当成罪人,但他仍不断努力。在这个充满恐惧和怀疑的世界上,这是一个传递希望的强有力信息。迎接未来,永不言迟,要一再去尝试。

  Today, as we commemorate Nelson Mandela’s lifetime of service, the best tribute we can pay this great man is not words or in ceremonies, but actions that improve our world.


  Each of us can make a difference in promoting peace, human rights, sustainable development, and lives of dignity for all. Each of us can be inspired by Nelson Mandela’s example, and by his famous words: It always seems impossible until it’s done.


  Let us all build on the legacy of Nelson Mandela.